Checkers online computer

checkers online computer

Checkers Draughts game free online, checkers against computer, no download. Checkers / Draughts Game against the computer - Master Checkers. Checkers - 1 player versus the computer. Tell your friends about You may begin! Select a piece to move. Play Checkers Online, you can select the skill level of the computer's playing ability. Below are good links to where you can play checkers online. 1. Monkey.


Online multiplayer Checkers game - Good luck, and happy playing! You can select the skill level of the computer's playing ability: Thanks for rating this game! Play checkers online and play to win. If a diagonal square is occupied by an opponent's checker, and with a vacant square beyond, the opponent's checker game star homepage be jumped over and captured. The board game Checkers is played on an 8x8 board and each player has 12 checker pieces. Be the first to Rate this game!

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